Brooklin Fire Department // PO Box 17 // Brooklin, ME 04616-0017 // 207.359. 4498

For Emergency, Dial 911

Brooklin Town Forest Fire Warden

PO Box 17 | Brooklin, ME 04616-0017 


To Obtain a burn permit, Contact one of the following:

Name                    Title                             Phone           Usual Daytime location

Peter Gray            Fire Warden                 610-3791      yard office at Hammond Lumber in Blue Hill    

Jerry Gray            Deputy Fire Warden    460-0896      various job sites around Brooklin

Scott Holden        Deputy Fire Warden    479-1355      various job sites in and out of Brooklin

Tommy Morris           Deputy Fire Warden    619-3360      1100 Bay Rd, Brooklin



Make sure to check the fire danger at

You may only burn on days when the fire danger is low or moderate in Zone 11. The fire danger is updated at 9:00 AM each day.

The ONLY permissible burns in Brooklin WITH a permit are:

  • Recreational campfires kindled when the ground is not covered by snow

  • Burning for agricultural purposes, which include but are not limited to open burning of blueberry fields, potato tops, and hay fields and prescribed burning for timberland management.

  • Out-of-door burning of wood wastes and unpainted wood from demolition debris in the open. Acceptable wood wastes are:

    • Brush

    • Stumps


    • Bark

    • wood chips

    • shavings

    • slabs

    • edgings

    • slash

    • sawdust

  • Open burning of leaves, brush, deadwood and tree cuttings accrued from normal property maintenance by the individual landowner or lessee of the land 

  • You must have on hand at all times the tools, water and personnel that are specified on your permit

  • You must have at least one person present for each burn pile

  • You can only burn when winds are 10 mph or less at the site of the fire.​

You can tell if winds are low enough by holding a 3’ long piece of flagging tape at arm’s length. If the tape stays below horizontal, winds are less than 10 mph and adequate for a burn. This does not apply if it is raining or there is snow. 

  • You must leave a message on our Burn Line each time you are about to begin a burn

Call 619-BFD0  (619-2330) and state:  

  1. The name on the permit

  2. The street address/private road that provides the nearest vehicle access to the burn

  3. The time you are starting and the time that you expect to finish the burn

  4. A phone number where you can be reached during the burn