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Meeting, SCBA and Truck Maintenance:

First Tuesday of each month

1800 hours


February 7
0800 - 1200
CPR Certification
& ReCertification
February 16
SCBA ReCertification
1800 hours
February 23
1800 hours
March 1
Board of Directors

1800 hours

March 2

Meeting, SCBA and Truck Maintenance:

1800 hours


We always welcome new members - no experience necessary - and offer free training and support.

We are especially in need of first responders (medical assistance prior to ambulance arrival).

We also need firefighters

whether or not you are comfortable with interior attack - there are plenty of very important jobs on water supply and other fireground operations.

Of course, any kind of volunteer is greatly appreciated, even for non-emergency tasks.

click on the VOLUNTEER link to let us know your interest.

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