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Unless you have heard that Santa will bring us a new fire truck this year, we need your help.

Our Engine 1, built in the mid-1980s, needs so much work to pass inspection that we have to replace it. This truck supplies the water that we use to fight structure fires and we obviously need all of our equipment available when we respond to your emergency to ensure the best possible outcome.

Here is what we’re doing to solve the problem:

We are deferring all of our other priorities—like the purchase of a rescue boat—so that we can help the Town put down the money for a new fire engine in April for delivery in 2019. Cost: more than $350,000.

The Town has $83,354 in the Fire Truck Reserve account. We will add the $130,000 that we have saved from past contributions (almost 300 of your neighbors have donated an average of more than $140 recently).

That leaves a shortfall of at least $125,000 that we must ask the Town to borrow. That’s a lot of money for our little community—help us reduce the amount with your donation. 

Besides your financial support, we also seek your help through participation. Our volunteers, just like Engine 1, aren’t getting any younger and there is all kinds of work to be done. You can help in any capacity—whether you are able (with training, of course) to help put out a structure fire, tend to a medical call, direct traffic in an emergency or stay back at the station for things like maintenance and paperwork.

Anything that you can do—through financial contributions and personal involvement—to support our town’s public safety efforts is awesome! A community means counting on each other—now we need to count on you


Tom Morris

President | Brooklin Volunteer Fire Company

Assistant Chief | Brooklin Fire Department

PO Box 17 | Brooklin, ME 04616
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PS:   All of us in Brooklin want to minimize the stress of adding to the Town’s obligations, your gift will keep the amount that the town needs to borrow as small as possible


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