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Great news! A new fire truck will be here next summer AND we have 5 new members eager to train in interior attack (that’s what we call entering a burning structure). We also have a 6th new member who is already highly trained and ready for action right away.


The expensive news is that it will cost at least $4,500.00 per fire fighter to buy the protective boots, pants, jacket, gloves and helmet that they need for interior attack. In addition to the 6 new members, we have a number of existing firefighters whose protective gear needs to be replaced to satisfy OSHA standards.


We could not have ordered the truck without the support of the Town of Brooklin and those who have supported our fund drives. We used that support to kick in $100,000 towards the $350,000 purchase and we will be spending about $30,000 to add equipment to the new truck.


We are also anticipating the need to replace what will be our oldest truck, a 1993 Darley pumper. We are hoping to get at least another 7 years out of it. The costs of trucks is rising rapidly—they are already more than $400,000, so we would expect a new truck to be more than half a million by the time that we need to place that order and we want to start building that fund now.

Besides your financial support, we also seek your help through participation. Our volunteers, just like our trucks, aren’t getting any younger and there is all kinds of work to be done. You can help in any capacity—we can train you for anything from interior attack to traffic control. Even limiting yourself to a task such as paperwork or reorganizing equipment after an incident will be important.

Anything that you can do—through financial contributions and personal involvement—to support our town’s public safety efforts will be greatly appreciated. A community means counting on each other—now we need to count on you


 Tom Morris

President, Brooklin Volunteer Fire Company


Assistant Chief, Brooklin Fire Department


PS:    Perhaps unbelievably, traffic control is an important and frequent need that requires more than a few people to handle properly when there is any kind of incident, be it a fire, an accident, an EMS call or a tree in the road. In fact, we are establishing a fire police division just for that purpose and we can train just about anyone to be an expert. So join us—you will get a badge and we guarantee that you will look very cool in your orange vest! 


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