You know how to dial 911 in the event of an emergency. The 911 system has dramatically improved public safety response since it was created back in 1968. What if you called 911 and nobody came?

Such a possibility is becoming more of a concern in our county, our state—our entire country. Volunteer and career departments alike are losing members—and younger people are not signing up as the rest of us age. We are collaborating with the University of Maine, the state Fire Marshall, and the Maine Fire Chiefs’ Association to study this challenge and have found that there are no easy answers.

Fortunately, your fire department is hanging in there. It’s not easy—after only 11 months, our call volume is already up a full 50 percent over this time last year and 20 percent more than the total for our highest year ever, which is a drain on our volunteers, our volunteers’ families and our emergency supplies.

Your support fuels our dedication and sustains our resources. It also keeps our members trained and answers our need to replace our third fire truck by 2025. Fire truck reliability is obviously crucial in an emergency and new trucks are getting to be more and more expensive.

Help keep us on the road! Donate to the Brooklin Volunteer Fire Company and consider volunteering. Pitching in is not easy, but our community will not survive without dedicated volunteers and donors.

Please also consider donating online here—it is quick and easy to do and, most importantly, it reduces volunteer time and fundraising expenses, as does letting us contact you via email rather than post.

Thanks very much. We hope that you never need to dial 911, but if you do, we will work extremely hard to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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