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Like all organizations, we are always on the lookout for volunteers. Our volunteers, just like our trucks, are not getting any younger and there is lots of work to do. Please take a minute to review the tasks listed below. Is there something there you can help us with?

Anything that you can do—through financial contributions and personal involvement—to support our town’s public safety efforts will be greatly appreciated. A community means counting on each other—we need to count on you. 

We also welcome junior members—those between 16 and 18. You will be able to train for all jobs and participate in safe roles at an incident.

Click on the appropriate application button below to apply.

There are also contacts listed if you'd rather discuss first.

Emergency Medical

  • EMT

  • EMS Training

  • EMS Support

    • Go-fer

    • Lift assist

    • Moral support

    • EMS reports

    • EMS supplies


  • Traffic control

  • Wash trucks

  • Storm reporting

  • Organize training

  • Fire ground support

    • Go-fer

    • Change air packs

    • Truck staging

    • Lay out hose

    • Food and coffee

    • clean up

    • repack


  • Public outreach

  • Parade duty

  • Bookkeeping

  • Fundraising

  • Inventory

  • Station organization


  • Interior firefighting

  • Exterior firefighting

  • Engine pumping

  • Fire reports

  • Truck organization

  • Driving

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