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With your support, we have already responded to more than 120 fire, medical, and other emergency calls so far this year.


To serve you even better, we now send text and email alerts for emergencies in town. This also helps us reach you if no one is there when we are sent to your home or workplace.

We’ll be able to contact you to learn where a key is hidden, alarm instructions, who might need help inside, or if it’s just the cat playing with your life alert. Click here to enroll.

We talked recently about fire safety with the Brooklin School students. We looked at pictures of two bedrooms after a fire in a home. The one with its door ajar was completely burned up, while the one shut was still pristine. The students all agreed that they’d rather wake up in a room with the door latched shut if there was a fire in their own home. Close before you doze!


We just updated our Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), which are essential for treating sudden cardiac arrests. We have also begun community CPR training. Take that to heart!

All these services are expensive. Most urgently, one of our engines is now outdated, so we must replace it. Inflation and new safety regulations have driven the cost to about $650,000. We're diligently saving a large portion of donations to help the town make this necessary upgrade, but as you can imagine, raising funds at this level is a challenge.

Your donations, whether continuing, new, or increased, are invaluable. They fund essential equipment and supplies, enabling our volunteers to provide top-notch service in times of need.


We also need volunteers: regardless of your skills, comfort level, or physical ability, your help is valued. From administrative tasks to emergency response support, there's a role for everyone. More specifics are on our Volunteer page.

Thank you—your support fuels our commitment. While we hope you never face an emergency, we promise to be there for you if you do.

Our DONATE NOW button is the fastest and easiest way to contribute. No login required

If you have a donor advised fund, click on DAF Direct to quickly and easily recommend a grant

Here are some other non-profit donation sights

You can also use Goodworld, although they take out almost three times the fee of the other payment methods

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