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We hosted a dinner for our community at the station in October. It was a celebration of the strength of this community, including seventy-five years of your fire department coming to help in an emergency.

Those emergencies often happen in the middle of the night, before and after our volunteers’ long days at their paid jobs. Emergencies happen on weekends and holidays, when our volunteers would rather be with their families. Still, our volunteers have been showing up for you ever since the drought of 1947, when fires ripped through the entire state of Maine—MDI in particular.

We need your help. Our volunteers are getting older and younger folks are not volunteering the way they used to. Emergency call volume continues to be substantial, with more than a hundred of them just ten months into this year, which is more than the total for most of our prior years. This is a drain on our volunteers, their families, their employers, and, of course, on our emergency supplies. 

Your support fuels our dedication and sustains our resources. It also keeps our members trained and answers the need to replace our third fire truck by 2025. Fire truck reliability is obviously crucial in an emergency and new trucks are getting to be more and more expensive.

Help us help you! Donate to the Brooklin Volunteer Fire Company. Consider becoming a volunteer. Pitching in is not easy, but emergencies will still happen, and we need the dedication of volunteers and donors. Let’s make sure that we keep having a reason to celebrate!

Please also consider using this website to donate and going paperless (letting us contact you via email rather than paper). Both methods ease the process for you and for us and email is acceptable for your tax records. 

Thanks very much. Despite the hardship, our volunteers are here to help you and your neighbors when challenges arise.

Our DONATE NOW button is the fastest and easiest way to contribute. No login required

If you have a donor advised fund, click on DAF Direct to quickly and easily recommend a grant

Here are some other non-profit donation sights

You can also use Goodworld, although they take out almost three times the fee of the other payment methods

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